Christmas Novena

Novena: December 16-24

Christmas Mass Schedule:

Mass in the night: December 24, 9:00 PM

Mass during the day: December 25, 9:30 AM

New Year's Day Mass: January 1, 9:30 AM 










In the Secret of My Heart


A bird winged over my mountains

And over each small, swelling sea,

And through all I thought was impassible

Soft singing such sweet news to me:

God is born in a very small place

And I need not go so far to find Him.

Our Dear Friends,


We Joyfully apply the beautiful poetic expression above to the re-location of the New Orleans Discalced Carmelite Monastery to Covington, Louisiana. The Holy Spirit gazed at the skyline of the Big City and its coastline of lakes and streams. Then, spirit-led (by a man named Joseph) the Carmelite Nuns found their new manger in Covington 25 years ago. They overcame many obstacles to settle where the Spirit led. Each Christmas, indeed each day at the Eucharist, God is born anew in our small chapel.


Dear Friends and neighbors, you need not go so far to find Him! Please join us in our Christmas Novena. 

New Orleans - 1877

Covington - 1995

Novena Prayer


Father, we praise and thank you for Jesus,
the Word of God made flesh.
Help us to become attentive to His presence
in our hearts as did Mary, the Mother of God. Strengthen us in your love
that our hope and confidence may remain bright in a world of darkness.
Make a path ready for the Lord

to enter our hearts.

Hear our prayer for all our brothers and sisters and grant these petitions

we now present to you.


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