Saint Thérèse of Lisieux

Novena: September 22-30

Solemn Feast Day: October 1


Our dear Friends,

As we near the end of summer and approach the colorful fall days of the year, we prepare to celebrate the feast of our Carmelite Saint, Therese. Because of the increase of Covid-19 and its variants, we will NOT have the Outdoor Mass of the Roses - and we will miss seeing you! Let us all ask St.Therese and her favorite saints to pray for us and for an end to this pandemic.

Do you know who Saint Therese’s favorite saints are?  She, acclaimed Doctor of the Church, surprises us by saying, “My patrons and my special favorites in Heaven are those who, so to speak, stole it, such as the Holy Innocents and the Good Thief.”   She told one of her novices that even if the worst sinner on earth made an act of love with his last breath, the Lord would welcome him into the arms of His mercy.  She comments further in her Story of a Soul, “Love can supply for length of years.  Jesus, because He is eternal, regards not the time but only the love.”  So her favorite saints were those who highlighted Jesus’ measureless love and mercy.    

Saint Therese and Saint Joseph are the favorite saints of many Carmelites.  During this year dedicated to Saint Joseph, may he obtain many roses for you on Saint Therese’s feast day.  We pray for you and thank you for your generous support for our life of prayer.


Your devoted Covington Carmelite Nuns

Novena Prayer


Father, through St. Therese, help us to trust with a childlike disposition in your mercy and love. Saint Therese, remember your promise to do good on Earth. Shower down roses on us and hear our prayers. Amen.